Collaborative Interactions

        A Special Education teacher does not work alone. There are many professionals that come in and out of her classroom every day to see her or a student. Some of these colleagues she works very closely with, others, she does not see very often but sees how their hard work is effective. There are two teachers of the Deaf for the high school. They have known each other since they were both teaching at the same elementary school several years back. They both know that besides each other, they have many people that they could go to if they have any questions. Below is a list of professionals that Mrs. Telischak interacts with to give her students the best possible education.
        Mrs. Telischak also had mentioned that just because these people have certain titles does not mean that they have not been of assistance in other areas. They have all been able to offer support and help in their area of profession, other areas and also as a friend. I could not write enough to say how important it is to interact and work with other professionals and also to explain all of the work that each has put in to assist each student.