Evaluation Protocols

        Mrs. Telischak has a few different methods for formal and informal assessment in her classroom. Not only is she evaluating the students but she is also evaluating herself to see if there was a better way to teach that lesson. If the students look confused and they did not understand something or all of what she was teaching, then she feels as though she has failed. She succeeds when the students succeed. Here are a few of the methods that she uses to assess.
        Once a year, the students also take the Stanford Achievement Test in the Reading, Vocabulary and Math sections. There are four different levels that they can take it on and these results are also posted into their files. These four tests are Primary Level (1, 2, 3), Intermediate Level (1, 2, 3), Advanced Level 1 and Advanced Level 2. She is able to determine which level that they are on by looking at the last level that they took and having them take the next level and then screening where they are. This test has also been normed for the Deaf.