Learning Environment

        Since Mrs. Telischak had taught at the elementary school level for so long, she has carried over a lot of what she has learned into the high school. When she first started teaching at the high school and set up her room, other teachers from around the building came to look at her room. All of her bulletin boards are covered, bordered, and colorful. Other rooms still contain the brown or olive green bulletin boards that the room had when it was bare without even students. She also has plants hanging in the back of the room for color. Mrs. Telischak has a very warm classroom that would make anyone feel welcome.
        Mrs. Telischak’s classroom very laid back yet very productive. I have heard the students say that she is strict but that they have learned a lot from her. The students respect her very much even though they can sometimes give her a hard time. I believe that they admire her because she is able to laugh and talk with them.