Curricular Resources

        Mrs. Telischak uses a variety of resources throughout her classroom lessons. Below are a few of the most popular resources along with a few websites that could assist you in any information.

Enright, Brian E., Curricular Resources. (1985) North Billericia, MA: Curriculum Associates Publishing.

Enright, Brian E., Computation Series. (1985) North billericia, MA: Curriculum Associates Publishing.

Halliburton, Warren J., Uptown, Downtown. (1995) Paramus, NJ: Globe Fearon Educational Publisher.

Kahh, Charles H. & Hanna, Bradley J., Money Makes Sense (4th ed.). (1989) Belmont, CA: Fearon/Janus Publishing.

Layton, Katherine P. & Kreis, John, Basic Mathematics (2nd ed.). (1994) Paramus, NJ: Globe Fearon Educational Publisher.

Reiff, Tana, Work Tales. (1992) Belmont, CA: Fearon/Janus Makemaster Book.

Staudacher, Carol & Turner, Steve, Practical Mathematics for Consumers (2nd ed.). (1994) Paramus, NJ: Globe Fearon Educational Publisher.

Uses Trades Books for English and Literature: There are 35 different titles on a 2nd and 3rd grade level.

Edcon Classic Series, Long Island, NY.

***She also uses Math computer games and other invented games that go along with the lessons. Some of these programs that are used on the Internet are called: