Weekly Schedule

    Mrs. Telischak’s actual schedule continues to stay the same throughout the week, but whether every student is actually there during that time is a different story. Her schedule is listed below and it is for Monday through Friday.

                                Pre-Integrated Math 7:25-8:15 Grade 9
                                Pre-Integrated Math 8:19-9:09 Grade 9
                                Resource Room 9:13-10:03 Grade 10
                                English 1&2 10:07-10:57 Grade 9-10
                                Lunch/Tutor 11:01-12:18
                                Prep. Period 12:22-1:12
                                Integrated Math 1:16-2:06 Grade 10

    On Wednesday’s and Friday’s, Mrs. Dodo from Job Link comes in and does job and vocational lessons and activities with them during different times. She is in Mrs. Telischak’s classroom from 9:13-10:03 during resource time.
    The students also go out for Speech Therapy and counseling so they are sometimes confused on where they are supposed to be. The students attend Speech Therapy one time a week for 50 minutes in another classroom. They also attend counseling once a week for 50 minutes in another classroom as well. The counseling program is new to the school system this year so there are still a few discrepancies that they are working out.
    Mrs. Telischak’s schedule outside of school is also very busy. She is also involved with school activities. She sometimes stays after school to help tutor for proficiency tests or to monitor detentions. She is also in charge of Hard Work Café, which honors the students who had perfect attendance, honor and merit roll or good citizenship awards. Once each quarter after the grading period, she organizes a party for one period of the day that has pizza or cake and other refreshments. The students each receive certificates and ribbons and are also eligible for door prizes. She also has to grade papers at night and prepares for the next day’s lessons.