Cooperating Teacher and Classroom Information

       For Spring, 1999, I am doing my practicum experience with Mrs. Telischak at South High School in Cleveland, OH. Mrs. Telischak taught in an elementary school for 25 years and has just journeyed up to the high school only five years ago. She is a very caring and wonderful teacher and mentor. At this particular high school, she teaches ten students, they are all ninth and tenth graders. At the present time there are not any juniors and there is only one senior but she is out for Job Link. Job Link is a service that contracts clients of Bureau Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) and prepares students for employment after high school through a work readiness program. Some of the students are involved in an inclusion setting and go to the regular education classes with an interpreter throughout the day. There are a variety of students who are deaf and hard of hearing so not every student signs and needs an interpreter. Mrs. Telischak signs for the students who use it but does not sign all day long. She has a wonderful class at South and she strives very hard to teach them what they need to know and what they have already missed out on.