Practicum Information

Contextual Description

        The school is an elementary school in Northeast Ohio. The practicum placement occurred in the Spring of 1999. The classroom is a self-contained deaf education classroom. There is a mixture students in this class. There are 4 first-graders and 3 second-graders. The age range is from seven years old to nine years old. All of the students are mainstreamed for a portion of the day. Some students are in the mainstream for more classes than other students. All of the students return to the self-contained classroom for spelling and language arts instruction. 3 of the students are considered to be hard of hearing. 2 students have a severe hearing loss and 2 students have a profound hearing loss. All of the children use American Sign Language and/or spoken English for communication and Signed English for reading instruction. When the students are in the mainstream, they are provided with sign language interpreters. The deaf education teacher has been teaching for 3 years and all of those years have been at this school.