Web Enrichment of Kendell Demonstration Elementary School

Deaf Studies Curriculum Guide

   Teachers of deaf/hard-of-hearing (d/hh) students should be instructional, rather than curricular experts.  That is, their primary responsibility is to effectively convey the regular education curriculum to their d/hh students.  The one exception to this rule concerns the curricular area of Deaf Heritage.  Since information regarding deafness, Deaf culture, American Sign Language, etc. would not be covered within a regular education curriculum, it is the responsibility of the Deaf Ed. Teacher to find and incorporate appropriate material into the  instructional design for d/hh students.

    One of the most widely distributed Deaf Heritage curriculum was developed by the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (1993).  While the curriculum provides an excellent array of objectives and activities, it does not incorporate any Web based resources or technologies into its instructional design. In the Spring of 1999, Kent State University Deaf Ed. Majors, under the direction of Dr. Harold Johnson, in a course entitled "Instructional Strategies for Use w/ Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students"   worked to enriched the Kendall curriculum.  That enrichment focused upon adding:

    hyperlinks to Web resources concerning the topics of the curriculum's sub objectives; &

    Web based activities that could be used to carry out each of the curriculum's sub objectives.

The results of that work are presented below.

Curriculum Units (Note: the following files must be viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher)

*Gillespie, S., & Miller-Nomeland, M., (1993). KendallDemonstration Elementary School: Deaf Curriculum Guide.Washington D.C.: Pre-College Programs Gallaudet University.

I hope that you find the additions to the Kendall curriculum to be innovative, useful and effective.  I also hope that you will consider submitting your own work for publication on the Deaf Education Web site, for together we can make a difference, apart we can only struggle. 

Respectfully - Harold Johnson, Professor

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