My findings suggest that the alternative program is the appropriate placement for this aggressive deaf student because the occurrences of biting and hitting have decreased. The study seems to support Lennan's (1975) finding that the student's aggressive behaviors decreased in occurrence when a change was made in his set guidelines and perimeters. As in Lennan's (1975) behavior modification approach, Sam's alternative program appeared to have had a variety of effective outcomes. Sam seemed to have positive results in one to one interactions with his teachers. He also seemed to respond well to the frequent positive feedback from his teachers.

For this student the alternative placement appeared to reduce the number of aggressive outbursts (biting and hitting.) The researcher was unable to clearly delineate which specific components of the alternative program had influenced this reduction without further study of each component.

An interesting follow-up study would be to observe an alternative student in his home-based classroom, as well as, the alternative classroom to relate behaviors in the different settings. Such a study could examine the progression of the alternative program toward meeting its goal of amending students' individual disruptive behaviors to the point that they could participate in their regular classroom placement. The study could inform teachers of alternatives for aggressive students or components present in the alternative program that influence aggressive behavior should they encounter such a situation.

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