The purpose of the study was to answer the question: Is the alternative program in a residential school for the deaf the appropriate placement for an aggressive eight-year-old deaf male? I approached the question by examining whether or not the incidence of aggressive behaviors decreased during the student's time in the alternative program. In comparing Sam's I.E.P. goals to the goals of the alternative program, I found that the goals center or corroborate trying to improve Sam's aggressive behaviors. In discussing Sam's goals with the lead teacher of his alternative placement, I found that they are working to achieve Sam's goals through consistency and it seems to be successful. "Sam seems to find security in staying on schedule," commented his teacher.

In reviewing Sam's I.E.P., I found that three of the four objectives, listed in the data analysis section, had been met. The beginning date of the objectives was August of 1998 when Sam entered the alternative program. Sam met the first objective in October of 1998. The second and fourth objectives were met in November of 1998. Some progress had been made towards the third objective, but it had not been met due to a lack of prerequisite skills.

My data suggest that Sam's aggressive biting and hitting behaviors have decreased since his placement in the alternative program in August of 1998. The findings cannot be generalized to other alternative students and are only germane to him.

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