Interview Questions for Teachers

Teachers Questionnaires
  1. Age/race Total years teaching experience Total years in residential school Total years in upper/lower elementary Present teaching grade
  2. Tell me about parental involvement in your classroom this year
  3. Can you discuss or give me some examples of what you think an involved parent does.
  4. How and how often do often do you communicate with parents (Dolan & Gentile, 1996)?
  5. What do you feel are the most important things parents can do to help their children succeed in school?
  6. Do you provide parents with ideas to extend or reinforce concepts learned in school (Dolan & Gentile, 1996)?
  7. Tell me about your most positive experience with a parent of one of your students (Dolan & Gentile, 1996)
  8. Tell me about any negative experiences you've had with parents (Dolan 6r Gentile)
  9. Define "parental involvement" in your own words.
  10. Tell me about what happens when a parent is not involved.
  11. What are some barriers you see/have to involving parents more?


Interview Questions for Parents

Parent Questionnaire

Single Parents

1. Male/female age/race number of children at home and ages.
Number in residential school. For how many years?
Single/Divorced or married for how many years?
Employment status?

2. Tell me about any activities you have done in your child's school this year.

3. Give me some examples of what an involved parent does.

4. How and how often do you communicate with your child's teachers?

5. How does your child's teacher reach out and try to involve parents in the classroom? How should a teacher reach out and try to involve parents in the classroom?

6. Tell me about your most positive experience with a teacher of one of your children.

7. Tell me about any negative experiences you have had with your child's teacher.

8. Define "parental involvement" in your own words.

9. How do you feel about the ways in which teacher's (past and previous) have contacted you?

10. What are some barriers you see/have to being more involved at your child's school?


Informed Consent Letter


Parent Participation


This study, which is a requirement of my Master's Degree program at the University of Tennessee, will be conducted in a effort to acquire information from selected teachers and parents at the Tennessee School for the Deaf regarding their definitions of parental involvement. This study will include participation in one personal interview. The interview would take approximately 30 minutes. The interviews will need to be audio taped in order to assure accuracy in interpreting and reporting the results. Approximately, a week after the interview, you will have the opportunity: (a) to listen to your audiotape; (b) to read the transcript and summary of the interview; and (c) to modify, verify, and/or change the information you shared during the interview. Your participation in this study is voluntary, and you may choose to withdraw at anytime.


Information from you will be kept confidential; however, I cannot guarantee complete anonymity because of the size and population at the Tennessee School for the Deaf. You will select a pseudonym (false name) for use during the interview. Myself, the interviewer, will transcribe all interview tapes. In addition, my professors and peers in my Master's Degree program will have access to the transcripts in an effort to help determine the accuracy of my interpretation of the interview information. Each of these individuals will sign a statement of confidentiality. The audio tapes will be kept in a locked file cabinet at the University of Tennessee until completion of the study, at which time they will be erased. In reporting the results of the study and in transcripts, your name will not be mentioned. Instead your chosen pseudonym or false name will be used.


There are no potential risks involved in this study for participants accept for that your identity may become known. You are under no obligation to complete the study and may withdraw at any time without penalty. The consent forms will be kept in a locked file cabinet.


Participation in this study may help develop strategies for addressing issues of parental involvement in residential schools for the deaf. It may also help to establish methods for developing and retaining parental involvement programs at a residential school for the deaf.

I have read and understand the procedures and potential risks involved in my role
and I agree to participate in the research project.Participants

Signature_____________________________________ Date ____________

Printed Name___________________________________________

Investigator's signature___________________________________ Date_____________

Printed Name___________________________________________

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Ms. Aimee Davis
at 983-9774.


Letter to Participants

Dear Participants:

Once again, thank you for letting me interview you for my paper. I really do appreciate
the opportunity.

Here are some instructions:

    1. Please read over the transcripts and correct any errors that I made in

    2. interpretation of our interview. You are free to add/delete things you said during the interview on the transcripts.
    3. Please return these to me ASAP (Aimee Davis 728 Lawrence Ave. Maryville

    4. TN 37803)...our data is due March 12. If you did not make any changes, you do not need to return the transcript to me. (If I do not receive the transcript or hear from you by the 12" I will assume everything is correct). You may also
      call me at 983-9774.
    5. If you would like a copy of my finished research paper, please let me know. After my orals, I will be glad to give you a copy.
Once again, Thanks! J


Aimee Davis

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Prepared by:  Clis Stauffer
January 2000