Dialogue Journal Transcripts


(intern teacher) Are you excited about your birthday? What do you want for a +present? Did you have fun at ____ party? See you tomorrow,

(student) Dear
Hi, How are you? I watched movie named is "Spice World" It is funny,crazy,and good movie. I played with my best friend, She is 5th grade. She is tall than me. See you later.  Your friend,

(intern teacher) I have never seen the "Spice World" movie. Who is your favorite Spice Girl? Did one of the girls quit being in the group? Who did you watch the movie with? Does go to school here? Does she know how to sign to you?

(student) Dear Tom, No! She move diffenet school. Yes, She can sign to me. She watch movie with me. Mel C is my favorite spice girls, likes it too! See you later! Thanks,

(intern teacher) Where does go to school? I don't know which Spice Girl Mel C is. What does she look like? Why is she your favorite? Talk to you soon,

(student) Dear
I Don't know where goes to school. Mel C is strongest, good, and funny. Because she's pretty girl. See you soon!!!!!!!

(intern teacher) How wa syour weekend? I was hoping it was going to snow this weekend, so I could make a snowman. My dog loves to play in the snow. She likes to eat the snow and roll in it. What did you do this weekend? Talk to you later,

I was sick weekend because ____ gave me sick. I sleep and watch my favorite movie. I forget your pets' name. Please tell me about it.

Dialogue Journal Transcripts


(intern teacher)
How are you doing? Are you excited to have your own e-mail address? I am sending you one from my apartment. See you tomorrow,

Hi how are you. Our class went to Pizza Hut. Had birthday and eat cakes, give me little red car. _ give me ut football picture. give me ut football. We had fun.  Your friend,

(intern teacher)
Thank you for the letter. It sounds like you had a great birthday! Isn't it fun to get mail on the computer? Your pal,

Dear I play soccerhouse. My team beat other team. I love soccer. and I went to church, will hit ball and far than me. See later,

(intern teacher)
I used to play soccer at the same place. Do you like indoor soccer better than outdoor soccer? How many games has your team won? Where did you and go and play golf? I am not a very good golfer, but I like to play anyway. Will you play with ____ again this weekend?

Dear I like outdoor soccer. My team was won and good team. This weekend Iplay with See later, and I was good golf

(intern teacher)
I like outdoor soccer better too! What position do you play? How many games has your team won? Maybe I can come and watch a game sometime. When do you start playing outdoor soccer? See you in school,

I am offense. What are you play soccer. You play deffense and offense. I think soccer start April or May.  See later,

(intern teacher)
Hi, I had a boring weekend. I had to work everyday. I wanted to play with my puppies, but it was wet out from the rain. We had to play inside all weekend. What did you do this weekend?

DearOn weekend and I went to church, and I played basketball and Nintindo64. I cant played soccer because I went to church. Where are you work at. See later,


Dialogue Journal Transcripts


(intern teacher)
Hi______! Do you like using the computer? I think it is fun. I like gettingmail from my friends. See you in school,(student)hiHow aer you? I will go with pizza. Today will play. I will look a dog.
I will look a cute dog.


(intern teacher)
I like pizza too. What do you like on your pizza? I don't like onions or green peppers. I like pepperoni a lot. What did you name your two puppies? My dog's name is Gracie and my new puppies name is Henry. He is funny and cute. Do you play with your puppies a lot? I go to the park with my dogs.

hi how aer you? I will look a kitten. I will look a dog. Cute? I will play? I will kitten and dog with play? happy fnu!! my dog name is kicky. my dogs name is hiky. from

(intern teacher)
Did you have fun this weekend? I played with my two puppies. What colors are your puppies? See you on Monday,

hi how are you? I will my puppies is tan and black. I will go to play. your dogs is color? happy play fnu! your kittens is color?by


Criteria for Written Evaluation

I. Mechanics

A. Spelling
        The following are considered spelling errors:

  • All misuses of the apostrophe, each time that the apostrophe is misused in a different word being another error.
  • All misused homonyms (words sounding alike, but having different spellings and different meanings, such as to, too, two; their, there, they''e; your, you're; past, passed); but not words similar in sound and spelling, such as affect for effect, loose for lose.
  • The failure to distinguish between combinations spelled as two words (any time, a lot), combinations spelled as single words (sometimes), and hyphenated words (re-educate, good-natured friend).
  • Incorrect plural endings of nouns.
  • B. Scoring

    C. Punctuation


    Also characteristic is an occasional error, such as omitting one half of the pair of marks needed to set off a free modifier or failing to distinguish between free and bound modifiers.

    D. Other Conventions


    Parental Consent Form


    This study is being conducted to learn more about the potential uses of the Internet in improving language and literacy skills. This study will include maintaining a dialogue journal using electronic mail (e-mail) to send messages back and forth with the intern. Messages will concern topics such as academics and social activities. The messages will be read and returned two to three times each week. These messages will need to be printed out in order to record and report the results accurately. Participation in this study is voluntary, and you may choose to withdraw at any time.


    Information will be kept confidential. All students will be given a pseudonym (a false name) for use in printed transcripts, and in the reporting of the results of the study. In addition, members of a Master's committee, and a group of peers will have access to the transcripts in an effort to help determine the accuracy of my results. Each of these people will sign a statement of confidentiality. Printed transcripts will be kept in a locked file at the University of Tennessee until completion of the study, at which time they will be thrown out.

      There is no risk involved in this study except for that your identity may be known. No grade will be given for your child's participation in the study. You are under no obligation to complete the study and may withdraw at any time.

    Participation in this study will help increase the research already being done about the potential benefits of dialogue journals. Specifically. this study may help [to learn the benefits dialogue journals may have for deaf and hard of hearing students in increasing language and literacy skills.

    I have read and understand the procedures and potential risks involved in my role and I agree to participate in the research project.


    If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Dr. Olga Welch at 974-4139.

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