Top Three Web Based Instructional Strategies

Surfing the web may be intimidating, so we did the surfing for you and found some exciting sites for you to try. These sites were found to be interesting and informative for any teacher. Some of these sites also direct you to other sites that may become of good use.

The Society For Developmental Education
or call: 1-800-924-9621

Teachers will use this site to find some interesting ideas on classroom tips. They may also use this site to locate available workshops or other fascinating sites like N.A.M.E., National Alliance of Multiage Educators. This is a must see site.

American Historical Association

Contains a plethora of information from partnerships and outreach programs for the teaching community to a collection of resources for teachers to monthly updates and meetings. A useful and informative site.

They may also be reached by mail at:
400 A Street, SE
Wash. D.C., 20003-3889

National Council For Historical Education

This site gave suggested recommendations concerning the curriculum and identified the best resources and materials for teaching and learning history.