National History Organizations

Although there were other History Organizations that may be useful to any teacher, the National Council for History Education was found to contain a variety of materials that could be useful to teachers. Other organizations were found useful in ways that were more general.

The National Council for History Education, NCHE, was established in 1990 due to the need for an organization for history that was equivalent to that of mathematics or other content areas. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to assist teachers in any aspect of their teaching field. It is established to foster the importance of history within the schools and society. NCHE may also be used as an advocate to speak with policy makers on the importance of U. S. History and World Geography in the curriculum. The organization consists of anyone who appreciates history and would like to become a member.

For further information, contact NCHE on the web at:

Or write to: National Council for History Education
c/o Elaine Wrisley Reed
26915 Westwood Rd., Ste. B2
Westlake, OH 44145-4657
Phone: (216) 835-1776
Fax: (216) 835-1295

National History Education Network

Devoted to strengthening history in education, a clearinghouse for information related to teaching history can be acquired here. They are advocates for improved history education in schools who support classroom teachers by encouraging cooperation with other history professionals within and beyond the school. The national history standards may also be reached through this site.

For further information on the web, contact: