Assessment Protocols

Alternative Assessment for changing Mathematics Curriculum

This site provides educators with alternative assessment methods to coincide with the new way of teaching math. Traditional testing only evaluates what a student knows at the present time. Portfolio & Panel Assessment and tutoring provide a more accurate evaluation of their comprehension.

Exemplars: A Teacher's Solution

This site is based on National Standards and benchmark papers. The assessment problems have previously been classroom tested. A guide to implement authentic assessment and problem solving in the classroom. This site is categorized by grades and subjects as well as professional development for all grade levels. Provides a rubric that reflects the "new math" national standards.


This site focuses strictly on portfolio assessment. Portfolios influence the curriculum development and compliment instructional strategies centered around teamwork. Presenting sample applications and graphics aids the viewer in gaining knowledge in how to incorporate portfolio assessment.

Uses in the Deaf Education Classroom

Teachers of deaf children must create effective assessment protocols to evaluate their students. These web pages provide guidance in producing authentic evaluations in accordance with the "new math" standards. Teachers in Deaf Education classrooms could greatly benefit from these sites as a means to determine what and how to assess the students' knowledge and comprehension of the material.