Instructional Strategies

New Directions and Issues in Pedagogy

This site contains a list of resources for new directions and issues in pedagogy with links such as constructivism, block scheduling, curriculum development projects, collaborative learning, and assessment. These links give an idea of what the topic is and gives tips and helpful ideas.

A Homepage for New Math Teachers

A veteran teacher with twenty years of experience designed this site. This teacher gives advice for new teachers of math. There are links to helpful sites such as multicultural mathematics, most loved problems, and classroom management.

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally

Van de Walle, J. (1998). Elementary and middle school mathematics: Teaching developmentally. New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.

This textbook walks through, step by step, ways to approach teaching math to elementary students and provides specific activities for different topics. It also offers ideas for specific topics and explains generally how to teach and assess new math.

Uses in the Deaf Education Classroom

Although these resources are not geared towards the teaching of deaf students, the same basic teaching methods have to be applied to all elementary students when teaching math. These resources can give the teacher an idea of what has to be taught and how to do it. The teacher can then go from there and modify the ideas to fit his/her classroom.