Curriculum Resources For Mathematics

The Math Forum: Teachers' Place

This resource was built for teachers by teachers. It included question and answer services, workshops, mailing lists, news groups and teacher to teacher discussion groups. It is also divided into topics such as Primary and Secondary Grades, Special Interests and General Interests.

Info: Web Early Grades K-2 and 3-5

This resource describes the curriculum for your specific grade level. It shows when and how the students understand different subjects. It also shows what topics should be covered and taught at what grades. It does not give any lesson plans but it does tell the Standard Course of Study and Grade Level Competencies.

School House Topics

The School House Topics Resource included Immersive Curriculum and Integrated Curriculum and also Special Education Resources. An example of Immersive Curriculum is linking children with the internet in class, using more technological teaching. Integrated Curriculum is what we are all more used to, which is teaching Math and Science, etc. to General Ed. and Special Ed. students.

Uses in the Deaf Education Classroom

Since many teachers of deaf children do not have a specific curriculum in which to follow, these resources provide access to information to assist teachers in their instruction of mathematics and to improve the learning of students, grades K-12. These three resources are the best offer a large amount of information and were all very interesting.