Web-Based Collaborative Opportunities

  1. Zoom Dinosaurs
  2. http://www.zoomdinosaurs.com/subjects/dinosaurs

    "Zoom Dinosaurs" is an on-line comprehensive text about dinosaurs that children can use both independently and collaboratively. The organization of this site allows students to progress from "easy" to "more difficult" stages of comprehension. It provides a table of contents with a variety of subjects such as extinction, anatomy and behavior, fossil formation, classification, geologic times scales, and several others. It also includes different interactive quizzes and activities that students can use to test their knowledge before, during, or after their exploration of this site.

  3. Animal Tracks
  4. http://www.nwf.org/nwf/kids/

    "Animal Tracks" is a good site for children to use collaboratively. It provides a variety of games and tours through wetlands and water. Students can take quizzes, read fun facts, get homework help from Ranger Rick, match animal tracks, and many other activities.

  5. Amazing Space Web-based Activities
  6. http://oposite.stsci.edu/pubinfo/education/amazing-space/

    This site can be used collaboratively between a parent and child or teacher and student. It provides detailed pictures and information concerning light waves, the solar system, telescopes, and more. Some of the activities involve slide shows and interactive quizzes.

Use Within Deaf Education

These sites provide deaf children the opportunity to interact with their classmates, teachers, and/or parents. As a result, motivation is increased significantly and learning becomes a more enjoyable and meaningful experience.