Web Based Curricular Resources

1.     Science Activities Manual: K-5 curricular emphasis by grade level and content topic

        Science Activities Manual: 6-8 curricular emphasis by grade level and content topic

Lesson plans are listed according to the following categories: Physical Science, Life Sciences, Environmental Science, and Earth and Space Science. Each content area is then divided into subjects and lessons for different grade levels. Lesson plans include topics, content standards, goals, objectives, themes, classroom connectors with activities, and assessments.

2.    Ask ERIC: Science Lesson Plans

"Ask Eric" provides an alphabetical list of science lessons from K-12. Each lesson gives an overview, purpose, objectives, resources/materials, activities and procedures, and conclusions. This site is organized, comprehensive, and easy to use.

3.    Helping Your Child Learn Science: U.S. Department of Education, office of educational research and improvement

Although these lesson plans are written mostly for parents to use within the home, teachers could also implement them in a more educational setting. The lesson plans are organized according to the following sections: Important Things to Learn, Activities at Home, Activities in the Community, Places to Visit, Science at Work Places, and Other Resources Available.

Use Within Deaf Education:

Deaf/hh children could benefit from participating in the "hands-on" experiments and activities listed in each of these sites. The lesson plans include ideas for practical uses in the community that could ultimately provide students with a better understanding of science as it relates to their lives. Teachers of the deaf/hh could also use these materials to accommodate for the different learning styles and abilities that are so often encountered among this population.