The Ohio School for the Deaf

The Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD) has been providing public education to deaf and hard of hearing students in the State of Ohio since 1829. The school, under the Ohio Department of Education, provides an educational and residential program with instruction and student support services to school-age deaf and hard of hearing students. Eighty-five percent of the students attending OSD are residential students.

Bilingual-Bicultural Philosophy

The Ohio School for the Deaf has changed its instructional methods over the years in response to educational research and recommendations for deaf and hard of hearing students. Along with updating curriculum and courses of study in all academic content areas, OSD approved and began implementing a Bilingual-Bicultural philosophy. This philosophy reads, in part:

Deaf people are members of a linguistic and cultural minority whose binding force is the use of American Sign Language [ASL]. OSD recognizes that, for most deaf students, ASL is the primary language most accessible for communication and cognition. ASL, when fully developed as a primary language, can facilitate the acquisition of a second language, English. OSD seeks to implement a bilingual/bicultural program through which deaf students can achieve competency in American Sign Language and English.

Resources and Extension Services

The Ohio School for the Deaf has several programs to help meet the needs of the two thousand deaf and hard of hearing students served in their local educational programs. All of these services are free and available to any program, professional, or parent involved with a deaf or hard of hearing child.

Parent Mentor

OSD’s Parent Mentor is the parent of a deaf child who serves parents of deaf and hard of hearing students at OSD and in local programs. Her role is to provide support to other parents as they face the challenges of raising a deaf or hard of hearing child. She is available to act as liaison between schools and parents, find and refer parents to available information regarding special education, and link parents together to provide support.

School Age Outreach Services
Janelle Adler
(614) 728-6100 (Voice/TTY)

The Outreach Coordinator is available to provide resources, assistance and support to deaf and hard of hearing students enrolled in local programs, their teachers, and their school districts. The Outreach Services program is committed to the education of deaf and hard of hearing students throughout Ohio within the least restrictive environment for each student. The program is focused on providing support and assistance within the framework of the student's current Individualized Education Program.

Parent Infant Preschool Coordinator
Ellen Richmond-Hearty

(614) 728-6900 (Voice/TTY)

The Parent Infant Preschool Coordinator is available to refer parents to local services for their young deaf or hard of hearing child; to help families with the transition from parent infant programs into preschool programs; and to help special education teachers locate resources and adapt their preschool classroom, home visits, and parent education to meet the needs of the child with a hearing loss.

Educational Interpreter Outreach
Pam Brodie or Jean Parmir
(614) 728-4030 (Voice/TTY)

The Ohio School for the Deaf is establishing a program to assist interpreters working in K-12 settings in meeting the new licensure standards adopted by the Ohio Legislature. The program will provide consultation, skills and knowledge development, and assessment to assist interpreters serving deaf and hard of hearing students in public schools.

Ada Kent, Librarian

(614) 728-1414 or 728-1415 (Voice/TTY)

The OSD library has a wealth of books, video tapes, and information related to deafness. The librarian can serve as a resource to recommend appropriate books and video tapes for parents and professionals. The school can mail selections for a one-month loan. The recipient must pay the return postage.

Captioned Video Program
Donna Henderson, Depository Manager
(614) 728-1416 or 728-1417 (Voice/TTY)

OSD is a site for the Captioned Video Program. This program administers a video archive containing more than 4,000 open-captioned titles suitable for home or classroom use. No decoder or special equipment is needed to view the captions…only a VCR! Because this program is federally funded, it is absolutely free! The program pays to mail the videos, and return postage is also provided.

Multifactored Evaluation Center
Pat Moore
(614) 728-1401 (Voice/TTY)

Multifactored evaluations are conducted weekly at the Ohio School for the Deaf. The evaluation is free and provides assessment information and recommendations regarding the student's educational needs to assist the local school district in determining the most appropriate educational placement. Assessment is administered using the student's primary mode of communication (oral, sign language, gesture, etc.) and includes evaluation of educational, psychological, audiological, and communication levels.

Contact by mail or fax:
Ohio School for the Deaf
500 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43214
Fax (614) 728-4060


Jean Parmir, M.A., CT, CI
Instructional Coordinator

Uploaded By: Debbie Slyh/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major