TEACHASL: Sign Language Literacy Study


Key Words: Deaf education information, research studies

Subj: Sign Language Literacy Study

Date: 98-05-06 15:52:39 EDT




Hello Everyone!

A new "Special Feature" is now available on our SignWriting Web Site at:


It is entitled "Literacy In Nicaraguan Sign Language...Assessing "Written-Sign" Recognition Skills at the Escuelita de Bluefields" by Janice Gangel Vasquez.

It is the ENTIRE thesis posted on the web - I designed every web page with great care, reading it time and time again. It is an outstanding work that Janice has done - I am very impressed with her careful research.

It is also very important for testing "sign language literacy". For those interested in the concept of using SignWriting in deaf education, I think you will find the findings of this paper very important and enlightening.


All the best - Valerie :-)




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SignWriting is a way to read, write, and type the movements of signed languages.


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