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DEAF-L: 1998 NBDA Conference

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Subj: 1998 NBDA Conference
Date: 98-01-04 21:50:06 EST
From: dontinsley@WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Donald Tinsley)

16th Annual National Black Deaf Advocates Conference in Indianapolis

August 10-16,1998

The Indianapolis Black Deaf Advocates (IBDA) presents the 16th Annual National Black Deaf Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The conference will be held at the Westin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis from Monday, August 10, through Sunday, August 16, 1998.

The theme of the 1998 conference will be The Black Deaf Community:

Building Collaborative Partnerships. Speakers will focus on current issues impacting the Black Deaf community and how the deaf can work to build partnerships with other organizations.

Approximately 600 people representing all regions in the United States and the Virgin Islands will attend this conference featuring workshops, rap sessions, tours, exhibits, guest speakers from all over the country, and the activities of the NBDA. The primary purpose of the National Black Deaf Advocates conference is to improve and enhance the quality of life for this particular population in Indiana and throughout the country.


For further information, please contact Donald Tinsley at

(317) 298-3705 (TTY/Voice) or (317) 232-1143 (TTY/Voice),

or Lori Qadir at (317) 475-2106 (Voice) or (317) 931 0757 (TTY)


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