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Subj: Chicago Parent to Parent Connections
Date: 98-01-09 16:18:40 EST
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Laura -

In response to your request for info about Chicagoland Parent to Parent Project. This is a series of workshops where deaf parents have been trained to work with hearing parents of deaf children. Specialists in the area of language development and social work coordinate the workshops. For more information: Contact Lynda Myers at 847.568.5240 TTY.


There is another organization in the Chicago area bringing parents together, D.E.A.F. Network. D.E.A.F. Network brings parents together on a monthly basis, hosting informational meetings about a wide range of topics including language development, sibling relationships, self-esteem and growing up deaf. The information is non-biased and comprehensive representing all communication and education options. Generally, the meetings have about 50 people in attendance. There is full communication access: ASL interpreting, CART services and if necessary Spanish speaking interpreters. D.E.A.F. Network also coordinates a mentor program between deaf adults and families with deaf children. For more information: see our website at:

or email:



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