4. Why is emergent literacy important?

     B. R. Schirmer (Personal Communication, July 6, 1998)

     Lamme, Linda Leonard with Vivian Cox, Jane Matanzo and Miken Olson. Raising Readers, A Guide to Sharing Literature with Young Children. Walker Publishing Co., Inc. USA. 1980.

      Emergent literacy forms a foundation upon which children will gage their future reading (Schirmer, 1998). In other words, if emerging literacy was fun, exciting, explosive for a child, that child will probably continue to feel that way about reading throughout life. During a child’s emerging literacy, adults need to "hook" the child or the child may struggle with reading for many years.

      "No teacher or friend of later childhood will ever have as great an influence with the child as you now have… Therefore, in your attitude toward books and what you do with them, you provide a vital role model for your child. Given a stimulating home environment where many books have been shared in a warm, comfortable atmosphere, children are much more likely to go to school eager to learn to read, confident about their ability to do so, and excited about books (Lamme, et. al., 1980)."

      I knew emergent literacy was important for future growth but perhaps I wasn’t cognizant of just how important. It really sets the stage for the future of a child’s reading abilities. This is just the beginning, children will continue to grow from here. That’s amazing!

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