CHARGE Syndrome

Created By: Gretchen Zehnder


This website was created to inform educators about CHARGE Syndrome and the educational aspects/issues the educational team must consider when working with families that have a child diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome.

The website consists of a series of questions regarding CHARGE Syndrome, its effects on children, and educational implications of the syndrome. Also included under each question is a synthesis of information, personal insight, and other resources that may be helpful to educators and parents of the children with CHARGE Syndrome.


  1. What is CHARGE Syndrome?
  2. What are the characteristics of CHARGE in the population?
  3. CHARGE Syndrome and hearing loss?
  4. What are the educational implications for a family with CHARGE Syndrome?
    • Early intervention programs?
    • Developmental delays?
    • Multiple handicaps?
  5. Are there support groups for families with a child having CHARGE Sydrome?
    • Websites
    • CHARGE Syndrome family support groups
  6. Kent State Summer Program Information

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