How much can a person hear after an implant?


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Synthesis of Information:

A cochlear implant is not a "cure" to restore the person’s normal hearing. The sound information will be very new and very different from what the person was receiving with regular hearing aids. (Watkins, 1993, p248)

No one responds the same to a cochlear implant. A lot of recipients are able to hear loud and soft sounds which rang in pitch from the very low pitch sounds to the very high pitch sounds. Many of the recipients hear enough to hear their own voices and the voices of others and develop clear speech. Implementing lip-reading skills can be of help to those who cannot understand speech with their cochlear implant alone. Some of the factors which affect the recipients use of the implant include: the brain's ability to use sound in a meaningful way, the condition of the auditory pathway, the functioning of the implanted device, the quality and quantity of the aural rehabilitation program, and many others. (Web site: "Hearing: A New…")


From my own experience with children who have cochlear implants each and every child is different. Some children seem to hear well and excel at a rapid pace while others seem to get absolutely nothing from the implant. I believe that if the person with the cochlear implant has the support; whether that be at home, at a center, or whatever the case may be, then the child will excel in one way or another.

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