The First International Conference on Deafness in Bermuda

"Education & Technology: "Tools for the 21st Century"

Marriott's Castle Harbour Resort
November 17-22, 1998

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Enjoy an International & Cultural experience on Deafness right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Share Ideas, experience new technology, meet people from around the world who have a common interest: To improve the lives and services of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people everywhere.

You Won't Want To Miss It --- Be A Part of History!!!

For registration or more information, contact:
FAX:(441) 238-8116
MAIL: Jennifer Jeffers-Grant, Chairperson
First International Conference on Deafness
P.O. Box HM 1749
Hamilton HM GX
Uploaded by: Jessica Soltesz/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major