Fun and Educational Websites for Children Ages 7-12 and Their Parents!!

Crystal Hull

Kent State University



This is a fun and educational site that can be used by both children and parents. The site is broken up into five different sections. The sections are preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third through sixth grade. I am going to concentrate on the sections for second grade and third through sixth grade. The second grade section includes activities that: discuss what the world is made of, teach children the names of the states and where they are located, enhance eye hand coordination, help with the identification of animal classes, and uses math problems to "paint" a picture. The third through sixth grade section has activities that: enhance eye hand coordination, allow children to match countries with the monuments that are in those countries, increase children=s abilities to distinguish between items that are different and that are the same, teach children about history, and identify states and their capitols. Parents can either play along with their children or allow their children to play alone.

How can this site be used in the home?

Parents can use this site as a homework helper or as a tool to enhance their children's knowledge on certain school subjects. If their children are having problems in a certain school subject, for example math, parents can use this site as a fun way to have their children do some extra activities that may help them better understand the subject. Parents can also use this site as a way to increase their children's knowledge on a certain subject. An example of this would be the section that deals with history. If their children are curious about history then this is a good site that can incorporate playing fun games and learning about history at the same time. The site does this with other school subjects as well. This site is also a good site just to be able to play games, and have fun. Children may not even realize that they are playing educational games. Parents will not find it difficult to get their children involved with the use of this site. The graphics are fun and colorful. As stated earlier, the site contains many fun and educational games that will naturally draw the children towards them.

Importance of this site:

This site is important for numerous reasons. The site it very educational and can be used by children and their parents. A good quality of this site is that there are very eye catching graphics. These graphics help to draw children and their parents to the site. This site is very interactive, so children and parents won't get bored with the games and activities. The games and activities included in this site are very easy to understand and play. This particular site can be used in different domains, in the home or in the school. It can also be used by various people. It can be used by teachers, parents, grandparents, and children of different ages. Another good quality of this site is that each grade section has a variety of educational games and activities. Children and parents have a wide variety of items to chose from. I hope you enjoy this site as much I do.