Web Sites for Parents of Children Age 7-12

Janet Wuertzer
Kent State University
Graduate Student – Deaf Education

What is the name of the site? – Amazon.com


What is it? – It is an on-line bookstore containing approximately 2.5 million titles. They offer book titles at up to 40% off the regular bookstore price. You are able to shop for books from your home and have them delivered directly to your front door. They will also search for difficult to find or out of print books and keep you informed as to the status of their search. You are notified either if they locate the book or if they were unable to locate the title for which you were searching.

Why did I choose this site? – This site is extremely user-friendly and offers the new user clear and concise directions. Many of the titles also offer a brief summary of the book and you can read critiques written by other customers. It offers helpful suggestions to help clarify or modify your search.

How can you use it? – Many parents don’t have enough time to cook dinner or spend quality time with their kids, let alone drive to a book store to search for a book. This is an excellent site for on-the-go parents. You can sign-on and complete a search in a matter of minutes. You can then place an order and get on with your routine. The ordered book will be delivered directly to your house. For example, I did a search and started with the search phrase of "Hearing parents deaf children" and came up with 19 titles from which to choose.

What is the name of the site? – Family Village


What is it? – The site describes itself as "a global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, and those that provide them services and supports". It has links to sites such as the library, hospital, bookstore information and school, among others.

Why did I choose this site? – One reason I chose this site is because it is easy to navigate with self-explanatory buttons. It offers a wealth of information about any type of disease or disability. The text is not overloaded with lots of medical jargon and isn’t too difficult to comprehend. This site was obviously devised for use by parents or guardians because it is extremely user-friendly. It is an excellent site for those looking for information about a certain type of disability or just looking for support from others experiencing the same things.

How can you use it? – This site would be best used as a place to seek information and support. For example within the "Library" are two different card catalogs. The first is labeled "General Information", the other "Specific Diagnoses". The catalog is arranged alphabetically, so you don’t have to scroll through various topics before locating the one you would like to view. Under the title of "Deafness/Hard of Hearing" are the options of whom to contact, where to go to chat with others, and a list of resources of how to learn more about it. The contact list is a fairly extensive list of various societies around the country with a description of what types of services they offer. Parents could learn more about their child’s disability through this site. They can also talk with parents all over the country going through the same things they are going through as a means of having a giant support group. They discuss problems or just chat about life in general. This would be an excellent way for parents to deal with everyday life stresses.

What is the name of the site? – Parents Place.com


What is it? – This is a site dedicated to the profession of parenting. The motto posted on the site is that "parents are the best resource for other parents in the adventure of child-rearing". It was developed by a husband and wife team who decided there was not enough good information out there for parents to rely upon. It covers many topics of interest from children’s health and marriage/family to recipes and activities. It also has topics for the parents-to-be.

Why did I choose this site? – Several reasons prompted me to choose this site. First, it is easy to use and offers a clear and concise explanation of how the site works and describes well what the various icons (pictures) mean. Second, it allows you to search the site by using keywords instead of having to wander aimlessly through the site (although this is still a great way to see the entire site!). Third, it offers information on a variety of topics and certain topics of interest change often so it is never the same site over and over again. Finally, parents have the option of signing up for a ParentsPlace.com newsletter that would inform them of upcoming chat topics and other things happening on the site.

How can you use it? – As stated before, this site has many different topics and I will not go into detail about all of them here. My favorite part of this site is the "Ask an Expert" portion of the site. They have experts to answer questions about any age group or topic. I browsed through the Elementary Teacher site. The expert posts questions sent to her from parents and she answers them on line. The answers are arranged by topic so it is easy to decide which ones you would like to view. Parents can use this site as a means of having questions about basic child rearing answered honestly by a professional. Parents can also go to the section entitled "Activities" to locate easy and fun things to do with their child at home. This gives parents a way to spend quality and fun time with their children.

What is the name of the site? – Family.com


What is it? – It is a site, sponsored by Disney, which provides information to parents about a variety of topics. Some topics covered are activities, education, food, the internet, and parenting, to name a few. The site also has a chat room for parents to share ideas, comments or opinions.

Why did I choose this site? – Like the other sites I chose, this one is easy to use. It offers many topics and great ideas for parents, and they can search the site by using a keyword. Also, within each topic, you are able to search their "archives" by choosing a subject and your child’s age. There are a variety of subjects, and ages range from 0-6 months to 12 years and over. This allows parents to narrow their searches and helps them to locate information quickly and easily.

How can you use it? – Parents can use this site in a variety of ways. First, they can locate activities that they can do with their child(ren). Some examples of the activities are "365 T.V.-free activities", "Rainy Day Crafts", and a section of thrifty games that require little to no money. This is great for the family who is trying to save some money but would still like to have fun. The children and parents can work together on the crafts or activities and enjoy some quality time together. Allowing the child to help choose the activity will make it fun for the child. Parents can also use this site to ask questions about education and parenting, and have them answered by experts such as Penelope Leach. They can also "share stories and swap tips" on how they can help their child learn. It is a great way of communicating with parents from around the country.