Ann Stroble

Kent State University

Deaf Education


Web Site Name: Leviworld Internet

Web Site Address (URL): http://www.leviworld.com/deaf/school/school.html

Description: This site has a large selection of general services and directories for parents to access regarding a variety of deaf issues. Each sub-site has a wide selection of information that gives succinct information regarding deafness. There is a wide variety of informational topics, from deaf schools and pen pals to help centers and supportive web chats. It can be used as a good general resource for parents of deaf children.

Why Selected: The selection of this site is important for parents because this it provides non-biased information that can be quickly accessed and provide many selective choices for parents. The site is well organized and provides easy access to general topics. It also connects parents with other sites with easy access.

Suggestions: This site can be used with parents who are unfamiliar with the deaf community or deaf services. This site could be very useful with parents who have discovered that their children are deaf and need more information and support regarding their childís condition.


Web Site Name: Deafness: Itís A Language Thing

Web Site Address (URL): http://hyped.com/planetnews/planetnews/deaf/home/index1.html

Description: This is an interactive site that provides information on basic deaf education issues and deaf culture. The site provides information on different theories of communication and educational approaches to deafness as well as cultural issues relating to deaf children.

Why Selected: The site is visually stimulating and the interactive sections are informative as well as provocative. The site has video and audio sections that include down loading time limits. The cultural section includes areas such as deaf theater, art, and poetry. The site also focuses on the different perspectives that are currently being used in the educational field today.

Suggestions: This site would be great with parents who have deaf children but are looking for a more holistic approach to helping their children assimilate into deaf culture. It would also be good to use as an interactive tool with older deaf children and their parent.


Web Site Name: The Mining Company

Web Site Address (URL): http://miningco.com/mbody.htm

Description: This is a clearinghouse site that provides information on different interest areas. This site has information on general parenting issues and parenting children with special needs. It also provides specific parenting information regarding deaf children. All of its links provide a wide variety of information and access to other sites.

Why Selected: This site provides a wide variety of information for parents to use with their children. The focused sites for deafness have interesting and unusual information that may not be seen on other parenting sites, such as cultural activities and new trends in education. This site has good graphics that stimulate the reader but do not distract from the text. It is well organized and user friendly for those parents who are not familiar with the Internet.

Suggestions: This site could be used for parents of deaf children who are looking for more information about deafness but need a wider variety of information that is presented in a less formal format. The site could facilitate more interest in deaf culture for teenager as well as inspiring parents to become more involved in deaf education and culture.


Web Site Name: Track Star

Web Site Address (URL): http://scrtec.org/track/index.html

Description: This site provides parenting information for deaf children regarding education, culture and support. It provides access to informational chat rooms and newsletters. It has recent information regarding educational trends in deaf education and news items that are related to deaf culture.

Why Selected: This site is informative and provides accurate and updated information. It is very user friendly and is written specifically for parents. This site also has access to other links where other parenting information can be obtain. The information is useful and relative for all age levels. The informational chat rooms provide good feedback for parents who have more specific questions regarding deaf issues.

Suggestions: This site could be used as not only an informational tool but as support system for parents. Teenagers as well as parents could use this site to help them learn more about deafness and deaf culture. The interactive sections can help parents to ease their anxiety and frustration as well as giving them an opportunity to support others.





Web Site Name: IEP Ideas for Deaf/HOH Kids

Web Site Address (URL): http://users.aol.com/cadarrah/myweb/iepindex.htm

Description: This site is for parents who are interested in learning about IEP (Individual Educational Plans) for deaf and hearing impaired children. This site is to educate parents about IEPs through the use of examples and referral to other support systems.

Why Selected: This site was chosen for its ability to educate parents about IEPs in an easy and informative format. Parents who were concerned about their childrenís education write the samples on the site. The site also provides referrals to other sources if the reader needs more information on the subject. The site accommodates the reader by supplying hyperlinks to these referral sources.

Suggestions: This site is extremely useful for parents who are either frustrated with the IEP process or who are experiencing an IEP for the first time. It is an excellent resource that could be used in conjunction with teachers, special education directors or school psychologists. This could be used to reduce anxiety and resistance with parents and provide better communication between parents and educational administration.