Counseling the Deaf Substance Abuser

Keywords: Deaf Education Information, Books and Journals, Defness Specific Professional Resources

There's a book I'd like to share with Deaf community . I believe many will need this book. It's "Counseling the Deaf Substance Abuser" by Dr. Frank Lala, chemical dependency counselor who's a Deaf Adult Child of Alcoholics & Drug Abusers. The book covers Deaf & HoH alcoholics, Drug Abusers, Psychology, Two views of Deafness, !2 Steps (both English & ASL versions), Deaf culture & Identity, ASL, poems, resources, Directory of programs, etc...

To order contact:

Midas Management Company
PO Box 27740
Las Vegas, Nevada 89126

Uploaded By: Jodi Gray/KSU/Deaf Education Major