Portable PC Companion/Communicator

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The Zaurus mobile PC companion/communicator allows you the freedom of a cell phone, the swiftness of e-mail and the power of a personal computer. No more messy address and appointment books! No need for an expensive laptop! Now when you're away form home or work, you can make call through the relay service, fax, and/or e-mail with our 12 oz. palmtop that will easily fit in your pocket or purse. Comes complete with everything you need: Software, PC interface cables, batteries (for up to 100 hours of use) and comrehensive instructions.
#ZR-3500X $399

For more information, contact:
Tel: (800) 667-1777
Fax: (212) 371-7318

Uploaded by: Kristen Panfil/KSU/Deaf Education Major