The Land Before Time Videotape Series

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Sesame Street's Linda Bove Translates the Adventure into ASL

We're sure your child loves Sesame Street's Linda Bove and will be delighted time and time again watching her in this new "Talking Hands" edition of the animated classic, The Land Before Time.

Created by Steven Speilberg and George Lucas, The Land Before Time videotape series is a brilliantly imaginative, delightful animated tale of friendship, loyalty and love, certain to capture the hearts of viewers young and old.

#V100 Land Before Time $19.98
#V200 Land Before Time II, The Great Valley Adventure $19.98
#V300 Land Before Time III, The Time of the Great Giving $19.98
#V400 Land Before Time IV, Journey Through the Mists $19.98
#V124-SERIES All four of the above Land Before Time videotapes $69

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