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Association of College Educators- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Business Meeting


The Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was called to order by President Shirin Antia at the Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Alan Marvelli was asked to be the business meeting parliamentarian. Mary V. Compton has agreed to serve as President-Elect for the 1997-1998 year.

Legislative & Advocacy Committee Report: (Larry Hawkins). Larry Hawkins thanked Jay Innes for keeping the committee updated via e-mail concerning congressional actions. Those members with e-mail will continue to receive updates. Jay Innes was named by the Executive Board to represent ACE-DHH interests in Washington. Jay will contact Larry if issues appear controversial, Larry will contact the other committee members and then, if necessary, the Executive Board will be consulted. Judy Egelston-Dodd will write a letter to Jay Innes regarding the linkage through Larry Hawkins.

By-Laws changes: Per protocol the proposed changes were published in the last newsletter prior to this meeting. Tom Jones stated that although members voted on these changes, we can't amend them until they have been published and subsequently approved by the membership at the business meeting.. The following changes are proposed:

Article III, Section 2.2.4
Current Language
[The duties of the President-Elect include. . . ] Serve as a representative of the Association on the CED Board which meets each December and June/July.

Proposed Revision

      Delete this section
[This leaves the President and the Past-President as the Association's two representatives to the CED Board.]

Tom Jones moved that the above changes be accepted and Paul Crutchfield seconded. The motion carried unanimously by a show of hands.

Article V, Section 1.2
Current Language
Responsibilities of the [Executive] Committee may be carried out by the Executive Committee as a whole or by subcommittees designed by the Chair [i.e., The Association President who serves as the Executive Committee Chair]. Responsibilities shall include the following: [four areas of responsibility follow]

Proposed Language

       Add the following section delineating a fifth area for the Executive Committee

1.2.5 Act upon any matters already approved by the membership, and brought to the CED Board for consideration, except for matters directly affecting or changing certification and accreditation standards.

Tom Jones pointed out that the full membership of the CED Board votes on certification and accreditation status of programs. Tom Jones moved that the proposed language be accepted and Judy Egelston-Dodd seconded. The motion carried unanimously by a show of hands.

Proposed Budget for 1997-1998 (Barry Griffing): Barry Griffing listed each expense and explained the rationale for each line. With respect to revenue projections, there is the amount of $5000 in carryover from the previous year with a reserve of $8000 for a subtotal of $13,000. It is anticipated that membership fees at $40 per member will amass $44000 and that the Lexington conference will generate 130 attendees at $130 per person for a total projected figure of $16,900. (See attached ACE-DHH proposed Budget). Harold Johnson moved that the Budget be accepted and Sam Slike seconded. Following a questioning/discussion between Edgar Shroyer and Shirin Antia of the costs of CED and the need for ACE-DHH representation on that Board, the $1500 cost of our constituent membership dues to CED was stated to be 1/6 of the overall CED revenue.

Future Conferences:
The 1998 ACE-DHH conference will be held in Lexington, KY March 6-8 at the Hilton Suites Hotel. Karen Dilka and Deborah Haydon are local arrangement coordinators. They are investigating holding the banquet at the KY horse park, holding the reception in an historic home, and arranging for tours to Shakertown (a Shaker community site).
Carl Kirchner opened a discussion of the consideration of California as the site of the 1999 conference. He explained that CAID and CEASD will meet there in mid-July 1999 and that LA will be the site of an International Symposium on Deaf Education also in July. Moreover, Deaf Expo will be moved from November to July 1999. He added that Marlee Matlin is expected at a gala evening event and that 2 to 3 thousand visitors would be expected to attend. Consequently, if ACE-DHH changed its meeting date to July of 1999 it would be part of a large gathering of organizations in deafness and education. CAID would take care of space, interpreters, and rooms with ACE-DHH being responsible for its own program agenda. He suggested that perhaps the program could include topics and information that would be of value to teacher educators from other countries. CAID will be 5 days in length instead of three to allow more opportunities for people to get together. It was mentioned that ACE-DHH could meet prior to CAID so we could have our own interest sessions. Kirchner added that the confluence of organizational meetings could become a money-making venture for each participating organization. ACE-DHH would need to have a pre-conference agreement with the other organizations and it might be problematic to handle the division of payment for the banquet. Discussion ensued concerning ACE-DHH's participation in the gathering. Among the considerations mentioned was that ACE-DHH's renewal culture is small and if we participate in such a large gathering, we would lose our identity. Conversely, the gathering would be a one-time event and would give members the opportunity to attend 2 meetings for the price of one. Fletcher advised that if we did participate, ACE-DHH would need some time to come together as our own membership. Antia mentioned that CEC has a Division day at its annual convention and that if we did participate all business would be postponed until July. Teller felt that dialogue with other organizations is important and that perhaps ACE-DHH could meet 2-3 days prior to the large gathering perhaps Friday-Sunday. Another options mentioned was that the large group could meet Wednesday-Monday with Friday through Sunday for ACE-DHH with Wednesday and Thursday for international topics related to teacher preparation. Ed Shroyer moved that we poll the membership via mail to see if they wish to participate. This motion was seconded by Gerry Powers. Antia noted that the By-Laws require that the meeting be set 2 years in advance during the Business Meeting, thus making a mail ballot invalid. Consequently, Shroyer withdrew his motion.

Fletcher moved that ACE-DHH accept Kirchner's invitation to meet in July in California and that the Executive Board look at Friday through Sunday as the meeting time for ACE-DHH. The motion was seconded by Gerry Powers and passed by a unanimous show of hands. Antia advised that a local arrangements person in California will be needed-perhaps Kathee Christensen. If no local arrangements person can be found we might need to schedule the 1999 ACE-DHH meeting in Rochester, NY. Judy volunteered to contact Kathee Christensen to see if she would be willing to host the conference in 1999.(Subsequently the membership was polled, and the proposal to meet in LA in July was voted down.)

Carl Kirchner, as president of CAID opened a discussion concerning student memberships. He voiced a concern for teacher preparation students and added that he wished to make CAID a home base for teachers in preparation. He mentioned that 4 states have student chapters of CAID and that at the CAID meeting in Hartford there will be a coffee for students to come together to chat about deaf education during which time each will be given a CAID bag or a t-shirt and offered a reduced CAID membership fee. CAID has developed guidelines for developing student chapters and Carl is open to the prospect of greater dialogue among professional organization. He further raises the issue of maintaining one office with one membership for both CAID and ACE-DHH in CAID's News & Notes. Ed Shroyer moved that the Executive Board consider Kirchner's proposal and that consideration be made at the next business meeting; seconded by Barry Griffing. Motion was passed unanimously by a show of hands.

New Business: Canisus College has established a fund in honor of Sr. Mary Delany. Ed Shroyer moved that the Executive Board determine the dollar amount ACE-DHH will contribute to this fund to show our appreciation of Sr. Mary. The motion was seconded by Bill Brelje and passed by a unanimous show of hands. $1,000 was donated to this fund.

There followed a discussion and comments from graduate students who attended the conference concerning their wish to be more included in the conference. It was mentioned that students be included as a part of the conference with time designated for them to be on the program agenda during the 1998 meeting in Lexington, KY. Ed Shroyer advised that students are welcome to add input to the newsletter and to submit proposals for the annual conference. Rich Nowell moved that the 1998 program chairperson consider a research forum for students early in the conference schedule during the 1998 conference. This motion was seconded by Sam Slike and passed unanimously by a show of hands.

Paul Crutchfield discussed the need for ACE-DHH to communicate with CED concerning program standards, categories, and processes to encourage non-NCATE and non-CEC institutions to participate in the program evaluation process. He moved that ACE-DHH should support non-NCATE and non-CEC programs should be able to apply for CED program approval. This motion was seconded by Gerry Powers and passed unanimously by a show of hands.


Submitted by Mary V. Compton