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Association of College Educators- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Business Meeting


The Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was called to order by President Shirin Antia at the Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Interpreters for the conference were introduced and thanked. Tom Jones was asked to serve as the business meeting parliamentarian.

Minutes: The minutes of the business meeting held in Williamsburg, Virginia were approved by the Executive Committee during their June 1996 conference call meeting. Paul Crutchfield moved to approve this as policy and Sam Slike seconded. Motion was passed by a unanimous show of hands.

Treasurer's Report: Barry Griffing acknowledged the financial health and the frugality of Ed Shroyer following the Williamsburg conference. ACE-DHH made a profit of $2000. As of March 3, 1997 ACE-DHH has a balance of $19,528.13. Added to that figure will be $10,000 in membership and conference registration fees. ACE-DHH has $8000 in a money market fund with $200 interest accrued. He offered thanks to Dr. Robert Davila for a $1000 donation from NTID. Bill Brelje moved that the Treasurer's Report be accepted and it was seconded by Tony Martin. Motion was passed by unanimous show of hands.

Membership & Elections Committee: David Mercaldo presented the 1997 membership repot. It was stated that ACE-DHH has 111 members. He is currently compiling a new directory. Results of the 1997 elections are as follows:

President-Elect:     Ruth Fletcher
Secretary:              Susan Rose
Treasurer:             Barry Griffing
Membership/Elections Committee
                            John Luckner
                           David Mercaldo (Chair)
                           Barbara Strassman
Publications Committee
                            Susan Easterbrooks(Chair & Editor)
                            Sharon Baker
                           Ann Powers
Legislation & Advocacy Committee:                           
Larry Hawkins (Chair)
                           Gerald Powers
                            Henry Teller
Judy Egelston-Dodd moves up to the President's position succeeding Shirin Antia.

Ruth Fletcher is unable to serve as President-Elect; therefore the Executive Board will appoint a member to serve. Members willing to fulfill this role should submit name to David Mercaldo or Shirin Antia. Marilyn Sass-Lehrer moved that the Membership & Elections Committee Report be accepted and it was seconded by Jill Stofen-Fisher. Motion was passed by a unanimous show of hands.

Anita expressed thanks to Barbara Schirmer who has served as the newsletter editor for the past three years. Susan Easterbrooks will be the new newsletter editor.

CED Program Evaluation Manuals:
Anita reviewed that ACE-DHH members were presented with the Joint CEC-CEC Skills Statements as a point of information in 1996. Subsequently, each program must identify itself as one of three categories: Auditory/Oral, Bilingual/ Bicultural, or Comprehensive for evaluation purposes by CED. ACE-DHH needs to discuss 3 separate motions before the Skills Statements can be implemented by CED in reviewing and evaluating programs.

Motion #1: That ACE-DHH authorize the use of the 107 CED standards and the 66 CEC/CED standards for program evaluations and reviews. Moved by Gerald Powers, seconded by Olga Welch. Motion passed by a show of hands.

Motion #2: That ACE-DHH accepts that for purposes of program evaluation and review, programs shall identify themselves in one of three categories: a)Aural/Oral; b) Bilingual/Bicultural; c) Comprehensive. Moved by Gerald Powers, seconded by Sally Holt. Motion passed by a count of 44 yes votes and 24 no votes.

Motion #3: That ACE-DHH approves the examples of indicators that program may use to demonstrate compliance with the CEC/CED standards. Examples of indicators have been suggested by team members of the oral/aural, bilingual/bicultural, and comprehensive committees. It is expected that as the examples are used, additional examples will emerge. Moved by Gerald Powers, seconded by Laurene Gallimore. Motion passed by a count of 50 yes votes and 10 no votes, and one abstention.

A memorial to Sr. Mary Delany was made in a moment of silence and various members sharing stories about her sense of humor and dedication: "Hold fast to the best of the past; move fast to the best of the future".


Submitted by Mary V. Compton