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Board Minutes, Hartford

  • Proposed Changes in the Constitution/By-Laws.
    Will be discussed further in Kentucky. Shirin Antia is preparing these for publication in January newsletter.

  • Sr. Mary Delaney Emeritus Life Membership Award.
    This award and an award for the outstanding use of technology in instruction were both approved by the Board in Santa Fe. Ann Powers chairs the committee whose members include:Gerry Bateman, Freeman King, Debbie Haydon, Bob Rittenhouse, and Barb Strassman. See award nominations form details in Fall newsletter.

  • Proposed donation of $200 for Brochure for 1999 Conference, if in LA.
    (See discussion under President's column.)

  • $500 for Special Anniversary Issue of Annals.
    This amount allowed us to be listed as a supporter in the special edition of the annals, and we will have a half page ad in the April 1998 annual reference issue to promote ACE- DHH. This will increase our visibility to teachers in the field.

  • $500 for the 1997-98 Deafed Website for Harold Johnson's student workers. We voted to pay $500 in March, which was to support the ACE-DHH's share of the 1996-97 costs of this exciting and important service.