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Is it time ?

By Harold Johnson

The ACE/D/HH Web site ( is alive and well. In the last three months, the site has been visited over 400 times by individuals throughout the world. As you know, the site contains copies of our past newsletters, our current by-laws, a few program descriptions, directions for CED site evaluators and a summary analysis of the new CEC/CED standards. This summary includes links to the complete list of standards and the recently developed Bi/Bi, Comprehensive and Oral/Aural Indicators.@ While the current site represents a good start, it by no means reflects what we can or should be doing on the Net.

Recently, I sent to all ACE-D/HH members the results of a national survey that I conducted concerning current Internet use within U.S. K-12 Deaf Education Programs (Note: see for a copy of that report). The research indicated that Deaf Education Program Supervisors expect their students use of the Net to increase by over 400% in the next one to three years. Our teacher preparation program students must be prepared to meet this expectation. I would therefore suggest that a ACE-D/HH task force be established to provide leadership and support for the substantial inclusion of Internet technologies and resources within our teacher preparation programs. I would further suggest that the task force aggressively explore foundation and Federal grant RFPs that could be used to fund this effort. The resulting resources could be used to document and share course material, as Alan Marvelli has done with his PowerPoint presentations on such topics as COCHLEAR Implants@ and Historical Perspectives on the Education of Deaf Children in Western Cultures@ (, or descriptions of successful instructional strategies and curriculum materials as documented by Katharine Stephens Slemenda students ( The need for such information is supported by the fact that the CED Web site ( has received over 500,000 hits@ (i.e., files read) during the last year. Given that the information on the CED site essentially reflects the efforts of one individual (me!) and a few Deaf Education majors, just imagine how much better and more powerful it would be if it reflected our combined intellects and interests. The question is therefore not, can, or should we collaborate on the development and use of Internet resources, but do we have the will to work together for the common good of our Field?

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