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From the President's Pen...

September 1997

Greetings from the lush green fields of Rochester! We are having a heavenly autumn under a huge Harvest Moon.

Since I took office in March, I am pleased to report our organization has grown by 30 new members, doubled our treasury and has seen a 90% renewal rate for the current membership. I CAN'T TAKE CREDIT!! You, our long-time and newly joined members, are making a very positive statement about the quality of professionalism of ACE-DHH. A hearty thank you!

1999 Conference Site

Not surprisingly, the membership poll on the choice of Los Angeles for our 1999 conference with CAID, CEASD and CAL-ED resulted in a majority of "no" votes. A mix of rational, passionate, fuzzy and clear reasons included: Hate LA!; too big for our preferred, small-group intimacy; terrible timing in conflict with summer programs; too expensive to stay in LA; too long to be away if scheduled right before CAID; conflict with CAID short courses, etc. The comments in favor were occasionally highly positive ("I love LA!"), but most seemed to be saying, "I'll do it, but don't really like to change from our traditional, successful conference schedule." So be it! Thank you to all 60 members who mailed, faxed and e-mailed me responses so quickly!

Kathee Christensen has agreed to be our Vice President and Local Arrangements Chair for the 1999 conference which will be in San Diego, tentatively scheduled for March 5-8, 1999.


I received a thank you from Regan Quinn from the Annals office for our contribution of $500 to the anniversary issue of the Annals. Also from Canisius College for our contribution of $1,000 to the Sr. Mary Delaney Memorial Scholarship Fund. And thanks, from Harold Johnson at Kent State for our payment of $500 for our 1997-98 Deafed Website. ACE-DHH's visibility is enormously enhanced by our fiscal support for these items.

Lexington, Kentucky Conference

As you can see, Karen Dilka and Mary V. Compton have been hard at work ensuring we will have yet another excellent conference in March 1998. Please promote this conference among your colleagues to help boost our attendance. The conference atmosphere is always friendly and the level of professional quality and sharing always impresses newcomers. Make a commitment now to prepare a scholarly paper or panel on the way the new standards have influenced your program. We need to share promising practices and thorny issues like that raised last year by Past-President, Shirin Antia, when she asked how we prepare teachers to serve children with less than severe hearing loss. If we don't, those students will see only audiologists and speech pathologists and the field will lose the benefits of creative collaboration. Please support President-Elect and Program Chair, Mary V. Compton, by choosing to submit a proposal before the deadline of November 17, 1997.


Our next newsletter will publish the proposed changes we need to make in our Constitution/ByLaws so they reflect current practice and better inform our Board on the collective wisdom of past ACE-DHH experience. Board members are currently studying the revisions suggested at the Hartford, CN Board meeting last June, and the membership will vote on them at our Annual Business meeting in Kentucky.


With an expanded treasury, we have the delightful option of being able to offer something significant back to our membership. Two awards were identified for this year's competition: The Emeritus Life Membership Award named in honor of Sr. Mary Delaney and the Outstanding Technology in Instruction Award for innovations in teaching teachers of students who are Deaf/hard of hearing. Please support Chair Ann Powers and her Awards Committee by submitting names of those you feel are deserving of this collegial recognition and, if you decide to self-nominate ..... good luck!


As one of two ACE-DHH representatives to CED (Shirin Antia is the other), I'd like you to know we will meet in Tucson, AZ on December 5-7, 1997. Since the CED meeting planned for Hartford for June was canceled, we will have a full agenda of business, including new approval status for our program at NTID. Gerry Bateman, Director of the Master's of Science in Secondary Education Program (MSSE) and I, as a teacher in the MSSE, have the deepest gratitude to you, our colleagues in this field of teacher preparation for deaf education. You have encouraged us, supported us with resources and advice and, finally, accepted us. My teaching science (Meteorology and Astronomy) to non-science deaf undergraduates at NTID gives me some insight into the challenges our graduates face. CED is still the successful "miracle" of our profession, and I urge you all to keep us in your thoughts as we deliberate our business on December 5-7!

- - - Judy Egelston-Dodd