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Board Game

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Sign It! is an easy-to-learn board game that helps you assimilate American Sign Language into your life. It incorporates learning and lots of old-fashion fun for friends and family! The object of the game is to complete your journey before anyone else. However, getting there is only half the fun. When your turn comes around, you choose a card from one of several categories and have to sign (or fingerspell) the word within 30 seconds. If you succeed, your marker proceeds further on a treacherous trek towards the center of the board. Along the way you will encounter many new ASL signs and expressions. In fact, there are over 800 signs in the game. More than enough to become proficient in ASL conversation. The Sign It! board game comes complete with a 285-page illustrated reference book of over 1350 signs and expressions. #SIGN99 $49.99

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Uploaded by: Kristen Panfil/KSU/Deaf Education Major