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Hearing Aid Telephone Interconnect System (HATIS) & Handheld Cellular Phone with VibraCall

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This device simply plugs into our compatible cellular phone and allows people with mild to profound hearing loss to enjoy the benefits of wireless commjnications. The HATIS system must be used in conjunction with a hearing aid with a T-switch. #HCMT2 $499
The VibraCall feature of this Motorola cell phone (which allows you to "feel" the phone ring), coupled with HATIS, provides a comprehensive communication solution to people who have not previously had the flexibility fo cellular communication.
#MT2 Cell phone without HATIS $399

For more information contact:
Phone/TTY: (800) 667-1777 Fax: (212) 371-7318

Uploaded by: Kristen Panfil/KSU/Deaf Education Major