Phonic Fun With "C"

By: Debra A. Waller

    This learning center was created to help students with auditory training and speech reading. I chose to focus on the letter C, but you can choose any letter or letters you want. First I bought a plastic container to keep my learning center in. This will help keep my learning center from getting damaged throughout the years.

My learning center is made up of three games, all of which focus on auditory training or speech reading. I made a small box with a name of each game on all sides. This is for the students to roll to find out which game they would play. The first game I designed was called GUESS WHAT? I made two game boards with illustrations of things that begin with the letter "C". I had 24 squares on each board, both containing the same pictures. I drew my own pictures, but you could also cut pictures out of magazines or get them from computer art. Then I made one set of cards with the same pictures as the game boards have.
-Game pieces: two game boards, one deck of cards
-Object of the game: to guess the other person's card first
-Directions: This game is played with two players. Without looking each player picks a card from the deck. First you will sit back to back. You both should have a game board and a card. As you eliminate possible objects, you may comer them up with the cover pieces. The first one to guess the other's card -- wins!

The second game was a matching game. This was easy to create. All I did was take the pictures from my game board from GUESS WHAT and copy them twice. Then I cut them into cards. That's all. Students may play this with a partner or by themselves.
-Game pieces: two sets of the picture playing cards
-Object of the game: to have the most matched pairs at the end of the game
-Directions: Place all the cards face down. Flip over two cards. If they match, you must say the word. Then if you say it correctly you get to keep the pair of cards. If you are playing with a partner, the one with the most pairs wins the game! If playing by yourself, this can be used to help with work recognition well as vocalization. You can also play this game as you would play the popular kids game GO FISH.

The third game DESCRIBE IT OR NOT was made by using the names of the object in the other two games in this learning center. I made 24 blank cards. Then I put the name of the object on the top of the card with a black magic marker. Now underneath that work I put three other works. Each relating to that work in some way. You need some way to time 60 seconds. I got a minute timer form one of my old games and used that. This can be played with two or more players. You can also create teams.
-Game pieces: one set of cards, a minute timer
-Object of the game: to describe the word on the card by speech reading using any word or words except the ones on the card
-Directions: First divide into teams. Without looking, team one picks a card to describe, but you cannot use voice as you describe it. You must speech read. You also cannot use the words on the cards. You have one minute to describe as many words as you can to your partner(s). Us the minute timer to time yourself. Each time you get a card right, you get a point. The team with the most points after all the cards have been used -- Wins!