By: Melissa Stone

Auditory Training-Learning Center

*The 'Dizzy Bees" learning center is an Auditory Training center designed to be played when students have gained word recognition skills.
*The Game is set up with two of the shown boards above, the students face away from each other and call coordinates back over their shoulder. This game is played like "Battleship". Place flowers on white Velcro dots. Coordinates are called back and forth, if a "hit" is made a happy bee is placed on the flower, if a call is missed a sad bee is placed on the white Velcro dot. Students take turns, one call each. Points are accumulated with the number on the "hit" flower.
*Materials include: 2 presentation boards, 3 rolls of black plastic tape, 1 pkg. vinyl self-sticking letters and numbers, 168 self-sticking Velcro rounds (white), 12 laminated flowers numbered 1-6 (points), 12 laminated happy bees, 60 laminated sad bees, 100+ fuzzy bee stickers. Optional: Laminated Score card and self-sticking envelope. Total cost: @ $40.
*Adaptations: Use words for coordinate points instead of A:2. Example: One: Apple; Three; Dogs etc.