"He Said, She Said"

by: Dixie L. Plotts

Speechreading Learning Center

      "He Said, She Said" is a game that is designed to enhance the students speechreading skills. 
    The game board is designed so that it may be used for many other learning centers.  Simply replace the cards as you change themes. 
    Two or more students may play at one time. Roll the die and draw a card.  The student who does not roll the die says the word on the card without voice.  The student who rolled the die must then decide what the word is.  If they get the word correct they proceed the amount of spaces they rolled on the die, if not, they do not move.  If a player lands on a picture they receive an extra turn.
    Materials include:  one piece of thick poster board, construction paper pieces cut into 1"x1" squares and pictures that are familiar to the students, one die, several player pieces, and word cards.
    Adaptations:  Sign the word cards instead of saying them for the students who do not voice.