This learning center can be used for millions of activites!  Here are some different ways to use this center:

  • To change the activites, just slip new ones in the folders.  If you want to change the countries, just change the coverpages and move the ribbons.  You may want to use platic page protectors over the folders so you can change coverpages easily.

  • Have students write informational paragraphs and questions on a country of their choice.  Use these for the activites.

  • Instead of using countries as a content base, use the environment.  Do activites on climate zones, geographical features, natural disasters and where they happen, etc. 

  • If working on a specific content area use that information and/or skill in every activity.  For instance, if working on geometric shapes, use tangrams for each activity (talk to the math teacher about tangrams and solution books).

  • Work on travel situations, such as making plane reservations, changing time zones, getting a hotel room, going through customs, etc.  Do these in the context of visiting another country or just in general.