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Cameroon 2


Storytelling is an art in Cameroon and many other countries in Africa.  So is symbolic art.  Africans often use masks, costumes, and drawings to tell their stories.  We are going to use shapes to make a picture from "The Clever Monkey".  Take the shapes from the pocket and look at them for a minute.  I will tell you something about the story.  Then I will give you directions on how to make our picture.  If the statement is true, follow the directions.  If the statement is false, do nothing.  I will only repeat the directions once, if asked.

1.  The story "The Clever Monkey" is told by people in South Africa. 
Place the medium triangle on the table with the longest leg at the top.

2.  The two cats were very fond of cheese.
Place the medium triangle on the table making the longest leg the base.

3.  The cats stole some cheese from the village while the women were washing clothes.
Place a large triangle below the medium triangle so that the point of the medium triangle
  touches the middle of the longest leg of the large triangle.

4.  The monkey likes cheese.
Place one of the large triangles on the table.  The longest side should rest on the right
  sloped edge of the medium triangle.  The two pieces should form a corner on the right.

5.  The Monkey was trying to teach the cats a lesson.
Place the second large triangle above the first one, making the short leg the base and
  position it so that both triangles together look like a kite or parallelogram shape

6.  The two pieces of cheese were the same size.
Take the medium triangle out of the figure and put it to the side.

7.  The cats realized the monkey was going to eat all their cheese.
Place the square above the second large triangle so that one corner of the square is
  touching the point of the triangle.  The square should look like a diamond.

8.  The monkey was afraid the king of all the animals would blame him for the cats' dispute.
Place the parallelogram near the bottom right corner of the figure.  Make the short side
  the base, and the sharp corner should touch the corner of the figure.
9.  The monkey did not give them back the cheese because he wanted all the cheese for himself. 
Place the parallelogram near the bottom and to the left of the figure.

10.  The monkey used scales to weigh the cheese.
Place a small triangle above the square, with the short side against the top left slope of the
  square, so that the long leg of the triangle is vertical. 

11. The moral of the story is never let greed lead you into foolishness.
Place the last small triangle above the square in the same way, only place it against the
  right slope of the square.

12.  The cats were glad that the monkey had settled their dispute. 
Place the small triangle on the square so that the short leg is resting on the edge of the
  square and the long leg of the triangle is horizontal.

What did we get????  A CAT.
If your picture does not look like the solution, go back and listen to the statements and/or story a second time and try again. 
Put the pieces back in the pocket.

Answers:    Solution:
1. False  7.  True
2. True  8.  True
3. False  9.  False
4. True 10.  True
5. True 11.  True
6. False  12.  False