This display is very easy to construct.  I attached everything to the board with staples, but they did not hold well.  I would suggest using either rubber cement, strong tape, or some other type of adhesive.  Use what works!

  • Attach the map to the center panel in the center.

  • Color and glue coverpages* to manila folders or piece of construction paper, then attach to the side panels, two on each (Make sure you don't glue the top down!).  The folder for each country should be near the country on the map (i.e. Alaska should go on the left side panel at the top, near the map of Alaska). 

  • Attach bags on the middle panel below the map.  These are for the clay and tangrams.  You may just want to have these items nearby or on the table, then the bags are not necessary.

  • Using string or ribbon, make a path from the folder to the country on the map.  I used stickers to fasten the ribbon down.

  • Attach the title and directions if needed above the map. 

  • Add clouds, airplanes, other travel pictures*.  Jazz it up!  I used glitter pens to add color to the coverpages and clouds to cover mishaps with the stapler.

  • Place the copies of the activities in each folder, and other materials in the bags or on the table. 

*I used Microsoft Publisher to make the coverpages and graphics.  I simply manipulated the title and added an interesting graphic.  ClipArt has clouds, planes, globes, etc.  Do not waste your time drawing things if you have access to a computer program.

You now have a completed "Know Your World" learning center display!