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Peru Activity

To understand Inca culture, you must learn to make pottery.  Take some clay from the pocket and knead it until it is soft.  I will tell you a statement based on the information I just read, then give you a direction to follow.  If the statement is true, follow the directions.  If the statement is false, do nothing. 

1.  Peru is on the west coast in South America.
Roll the clay into a smooth, round ball.

2.  Other South American peoples are also known for their crafts.
Put your thumb in the middle of the ball.

3.  The Incas liked to decorate and embellish their pottery.
Put your thumb all the way through the ball of clay.

4.  Inca pottery often lacked originality and imagination.
Using your other fingers around the outside, make the hole bigger by pushing your thumb and fingers together.  As you apply pressure, move your hand around the ball. 

5.  The most common pottery object was the bowl.
Put the clay on its side and gently roll it into a log.

6.  The aryballus was used for storing milk.
Use your thumbs and index fingers to make the top edge very thin. 

7.  Chicha is Indian beer.
Use the palm of your other hand to support the base while you apply a small amount of pressure to flatten the bottom slightly.

8.  The Incas painted a geometric design that looked like a fishbone on the aryballus.
Use both hands to adjust the shape and wall thickness of the pot until you are happy with it.

9.  The fishbone design consists of a thick line with swirled lines radiated from either side.
Make a lip in the edge of the pot with your thumb and fingers.

10.  The Incas also made goblets and plates out of cedar wood.
Show me your Inca pinch pot. 

If your pot does not look right, listen to the story and/or statement and try again.  When you are finished, mash the clay up and place it back in the pocket.

Answers:      Solution:
1.  True      6.  False Your pot should look something
2.  True      7.  True  like this-
3.  False      8.  False
4.  True      9.  True
5.  False    10.  True