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Peru is on west coast in South America.  The Incas settled and made their empire in Peru during the fifteenth century.  Like other South American peoples, the Incas are well known for their crafts, especially pottery.  Surprisingly, perhaps, Inca masonry was very rarely carved or adorned in any way.  Smaller stone items, however, were frequently elaborate and beautiful.  High technical standards were achieved, too, in pottery.  Around Cuzco especially the art of creating and glazing ceramics was highly developed.  They were not so advanced artistically, however; Inca designs generally lack imagination and variety, tending to have been mass-produced from models evolved by previous cultures.  The most common pottery object was the aryballus, a large jar with a conical base and a wide neck thought to have been used chiefly for storing chicha, an Indian beer. Its decoration was usually geometric, often associated with the backbone of a fish; the central spine of the pattern was adorned with rows of spikes radiaing from either side.  Fine plates were made and large numbers of goblets were manufactured, though these were often of cedar wood rather than pottery. 

An excerpt from:
The Real Guide: Peru  (pg 309) 
edited by Dilwyn Jenkins
Prentice Hall, New York 1989