The Matching Game


  Spread all of the cards face up on a table.  One person read the list one sentence
at a time.  Two to five players may play at once.  The person reading the list
reads the first sentence "put the bee on the tree".  The first player has the chance
to follow directions,  if they are correct, they keep the bee and tree cards.  If they
are incorrect, the reader may read the sentence again for the next player.  If that
player is correct, they may keep the cards.  When the player is correct for the
second time, the turn automatically goes to the next player.  The game keeps going
until all of the cards are gone.  Whoever has the most cards is the winner.

List of Sentences:

Put the bee on the tree.
Put the hen on the pen.
Put the duck on the truck.
Put the frog on the dog.
Put the butterfly on the pie.
Put the ball on the doll.
Put the bug on the mug.
Put the bone on the cone.
Put the mail on the pail.
Put the cat on the rat.
Put the pig on the rig.
Put the leg on the eggs.
Put the coat on the boat.
Put the kite on the bike.
Put the telephone on the microphone.

*More cards may be added to increase

*Also available on cassette.