The Spinning
A Learning Center

To make this learning center, I first made a wooden spinning wheel with ten different colors on it:  red, green, purple,  orange, black, yellow, brown, blue, gray and white.  I then bought a file to hold ten different activities that have the same colors that coordinate with the wheel.  In each colored file, I have enclosed a different activity that  practices either speech-reading  or  auditory training.  For  some of the auditory training activities I have enclosed a tape that provides the questions that the students must listen to.  For the rest of the auditory training activities and all of the speech -reading activities,  I have choosen for the students to work in pairs.  The students should either read them, or mouth them (not using their voices), depending on the activity.  For each activity, there have been directions included as well as an answer key for each one.  Below are the directions that are included in the learning center, as well as some of the activities.

Here are the directions that are included in my learning center. ....
*To begin this learning center you must work with a partner.  One person spins the wheel and whatever color the wheel lands on, you look in the file and pick out the activity that is filed under the same color.  Some activities are to be done while listening to a tape that is provided and others are worked together with a partner. You must follow the directions for each activity.  If the activity is to be completed by listening to the tape, both students can work on it independently.

After the students read the directions and spin the wheel that will pull out one of the activities in the colored file they chose.  Here are a couple of samples of the activities that are inlcuded in my learning center. 
#1  Listen to activity number 1 on the tape and answer the following statements as either true/false:

1.  The color of the sky is blue.  T  F
2.  Two plus two equals, five      T  F

#2  Listen to the questions in activity number 4 on the tape, then circle the correct word.
1.  What is something that is dry?    salt  water  milk  lemonade
2.  What is something that is loud?    whisper  typing  skipping  shouting

#3  During this activity you will be working with a partner .  One person will read a set of words, without using their voice.  The other person will circle the category the words fit into. 
1.  chair, couch, desk, rocking chair    Places to sit
2.  fingers, toes, elbows, knees      Parts of the human body

There are a total of ten activities.  If you wanted to change the learning center to practice another subject or technique, the acitivities are easily changeable.  You can use the spinning wheels for many different learning centers.  To be sure that the students do not do the same activity over a certin amount of time, the students can keep track of the colors they have done.